Catering Services

Tampa Bay & Pinellas County Area


Ken’s Classics A Catering Company

Whatever the occasion, we make your event effortless, enjoyable, and memorable. We can cater to whatever your needs are. From dropping off delicious scratch cooked organic food for you to serve as you please or a full service buffet and plating service. Chef Ken and his team can even come to your event and serve dishes for you.

Some of our catering includes

Private Dinners
Cocktail Parties
Backyard BBQ
Drop Off Delivery


Private Chef Services

Appointment Only │ 5 Hour Minimum


Private Chef 

Ken’s Classics and Catering provides a unique private chef service for people who want meals, but may not always have the time to cook. Unlike a "one size fits all" meal delivery service we come to your home and customize an array of creative, healthy, and delicious meals tailored to you.

How It Works

We Will Shop
We Will Cook
We Will Clean
We Will Package The Meals

You just sit back and enjoy